Indian Railways IRCTC Special Covid19 Trains List in Jun 2021

  1. Indian Railways is currently running 22 trains between HOWRAH JN and BOLPUR S NIKTN.
  2. Shantiniketan SF Special, Saraighat SF Special , Kolkata Haldibari Tri Weekly Intercity Special, Howrah Jamalpur Special , Kolkata Silghat Town Kaziranga Special, Sahid (InterCity) Special, Darjeeling Mail Special Fare Special, Padatik SF Special , Uttar Banga Special , Kanchan Kanya Special , Sealdah Agartala Kanchanjunga Festival Special, Sealdah Silchar Kanchanjunga Festival Special, Ganadevta Express Special, Howrah Gaya Special, Tebhaga Special, Howrah Azimganj Kavi Guru Special, Kulik Special, Howrah Malda Town InterCity Special (via Rampurhat), Viswabharati Fast Passenger Special, Maa Tara Special, Gour Special , Kolkata Jogbani Special are the trains that run between HOWRAH JN and BOLPUR S NIKTN.
  3. The minimum time required to travel between HOWRAH JN and BOLPUR S NIKTN is 01:55 hrs
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