Train Seat Map

Train Seat Map

The Indian Railways has been managing one of the biggest networks in the world with great care and efficiency. It is no wonder that Railways has been the principal mode of transport for people in India. It is no wonder that although we frequently travel in Indian Railways, a majority of us are unaware of the facts and terminology surrounding trains. Today, let's check in detail about the train seat map corresponding to various classes to gain a clear understanding of the system. The Indian Railways has a large network of trains connecting all major locations in the country. It manages the vast network with tremendous ease and accuracy thanks to the perfectly planned system.

Travel Classes of Indian Trains

Each train includes multiple coaches, and their number varies depending on the frequency and rush of the passengers on a particular route. Earlier, trains used to comprise coaches that are fitted with benches made of moulded iron rods. With the advancement in technology and features, people have taken care of their comfort while traveling. In line with the demand, the Indian Railways has incorporated various travel classes to garner varied passenger needs. The department of Railways offers various travel classes that include:

  1. First AC (1AC)
  2. Executive Anubhuti (EA)
  3. AC Executive Class (EC)
  4. Second AC or AC-2-tier
  5. First class (FC)
  6. Third AC or AC 3-tier (3A)
  7. Third AC Economy (3E)
  8. AC Chair Car (CC)
  9. Sleeper (SL)
  10. Second Seating (2S).

The train seating arrangement varies accordingly, in line with the type of class. Have you ever observed the numbering that is displayed on the coaches of a train? The seat map of every class has been devised as per the Indian Railways. It gives an idea about the seats and berths present on a train.

A railway seat map offers comprehensive information to the people/passengers concerning the total number of berths/ seats, train seat layout structure, and so on. By this, you get to know the exact location of the coach where you are going to sit. The information accounts for a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Importance of a Train seat map

The train seat maps vary from train to train and from class to class. For instance, premium coaches like the AC classes would have fewer seats as compared to other classes like Sleeper and 2S sitting. The premium AC coaches like Executive class, First AC, AC-2 tier are priced much higher than compared to lower classes like Sleeper and 2S seating.

One can understand the seat numbering and berth allocation by looking at the train seat layout diagram as devised by Indian Railways. By checking the seat map beforehand, one can board the train without worrying about the exact position of their berth/seat. The different classes of the train coaches feature toilets on either side. Let's check in detail the seat maps of some train classes.

Sleeper Class Seat Map or Sleeper Coach Layout:

A sleeper coach layout gives a good view of the pattern of the seats/berths present in a railway compartment/ coach. The sleeper class contains 72 seats/berths and has toilets on either side of the compartment.

The berths include Lower, Middle, Upper, Side Lower, and Side Upper berths. You can find the seat numbers on the outside of the train as well as the seat numbers are etched for every berth.

3AC seat map:

The air-conditioned version of the sleeper class is much more expensive and comfortable and is quite easy to sleep and relax. The 3AC seat map features similar berths/seats to the sleeper class but comes with increased cushioning.

The passengers are also offered blankets, pillows, and enjoy higher privacy owing to closed compartments that are assisted with doors.

2S (Sitting) seat map:

2S sitting is the most affordable mode of travel class offered by the Indian Railways. The class features the lowest travel fare among the available train classes. Inside the compartment, the unreserved seats are like a bench that can accommodate three persons.

In case if you happen to travel in the 2S coach and want to have an insight, you can have a look at the seat layout structure. The total number of seats available in 2S is 108 and includes majorly three kinds of seats, such as Window, Middle, and Aisle.

Interesting Facts About Train Seat Map

  • Do you know why IRCTC does not allow selecting seats while booking? Well, many of us are unaware, but most people started making predictions based on their knowledge and awareness. A few people suggest there could be Physics involved behind this and few claims that the reason behind this is due to various reservation quotas given to various sections of people.
  • IRCTC recently rolled out a new feature on its websites wherein passengers can view the reservation chart of the trains and know the number of vacant seats and its seat numbers. This feature eases the journey and negate the last-minute rush and running back at the TTE to find the vacant seats.