Train Schedule

Train Schedule Check

Indian Railways have been constantly on the move to adopt new technology means in a bid to serve its passengers better. The department maintains a database of all the trains running along different routes, train timings, and more. Have you considered checking the latest train schedules of a particular route? Having a look at the online train time table beforehand allows you to plan your travel/holidays in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

A train schedule contains all the relevant train details like train route, arrival timing, departure time, number of halts, and much more. Besides, it also offers details like train number, train name, train type, source station, and destination station. With plenty of information at our disposal, the railway time table allows one to plan his journey accordingly without any hassle.

If you know the train by which you are going to travel, you can give the details like train number, and all the information appears in a click. It offers a glimpse of seats available on the train as well as the class of travel. The passengers can make reservations accordingly as per the availability.

Why do you need to check the train schedule?

A majority of the passengers may not travel from origin station to the destination station. The journey might start from the intermediate station and may end before the final destination. In such a scenario, having a glimpse at the train schedule offers complete details about the train route with intermediate halts. Some of these trains may have lesser intermediate halts and may reach the destination much earlier as compared to others. It not only decreases the duration of the travel, but there would also be a change in the cost of the ticket. If the passengers stay well informed with all the details, they can plan their travel and make train bookings accordingly.

Benefits that passengers seek by checking train table online

  • The railway time table gives the arrival and departure times of the trains
  • You get to know the changes in train routes, schedules and more
  • Gives a complete picture of the overall train route that it travels and also the stops.

On the flip side, the railway time table does not give details such as train delays owing to natural and bad climatic conditions. The Indian Railways department updates the information every six months so that the information stays reliable.

Train Time Table

It is a common scenario that trains get delayed owing to multiple reasons and run behind the schedule. If the passengers are traveling on an overnight train, they can set up a dynamic wakeup alarm based on the live train schedule in their smartphone apps. Hence, the passengers are alerted well in advance before they reach their destination.

How to check the train time table?

If you want to check the train time table, you can check the Indian Railways time table and do your research for additional details.


You can also check for the latest train schedule or train route by logging into the IRCTC website. The IRCTC train schedule gives a complete picture of the number of trains that run through a particular route, arrival time, departure time, and so on. In case there are no seats available for a specific train; the passengers can opt for alternate trains running in the same route and book confirmed seat/berth.


To know the railway train table by SMS, all you need to do is send a message by typing in the format AD to 139. Within a few minutes, the passengers would receive the details related to the enquiry.

Swap Feature- A simple way to get train route and schedule in both directions

Railways have introduced a new utility feature dubbed Swap that allows passengers to check the train route in either direction. For instance, the passengers get to know the list of trains running from source to destination and destination to the source. The swap feature, in a way, is more productive to use and saves valuable time for the passengers.

You can use this feature on NTES (National Train Enquiry System) as well as on the IRCTC website.

Different Kinds of Terminologies Used by Indian Railways for Train Schedule

Indian Railways employ different codes and terminologies to convey important information related to the trains.

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival

ATA: Actual time of Arrival

UA: Update awaited

RT: Right time

PF: Expected platform

ATD: Actual time of departure

CNC: Cancelled at this station

Legends and their meanings

# - temporary trains

+ - trains having same numbers

* - starting station