What is the Meaning of Flushed PNR?

Flushed PNR

You would have come across the terms flushed PNR/PNR not yet generated’  when checking for PNR status of old travel ticket. The train ticket may be booked online via the IRCTC website or the railway reservation counter. Flushed PNR is a term used by the Indian Railways. The PNR number of a travel ticket remains online for five days post the date of journey, after which it is flushed from the database. 

The PNR is a 10-digit number, and in the country with a huge population like India, millions of people travel per month. In such a scenario, the combination of 10-digit numbers will run out easily. Hence, the Indian Railways flushed out PNR numbers for the same to allocate them to the new passengers. The removed PNRs are thereby called Flushed PNRs. PNR not generated error arise if you are entering a wrong PNR or entering a PNR number that is no longer available. 

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