UMID Card by Indian Railways: How to Register, Login to Portal and Download the Medical Card, Full Details


In a bid to offer enhanced services to the medical benefits to the employees, pensioners and their dependents, the Indian Railways has launched UMID (unique medical identity card) scheme. UMID helps in providing a unique identity to every individual, which is further strengthened by the unique smart features of web-enabled QR code and biometric identity. Featuring a common database at all India level, this mobile and web application helps in identifying medical beneficiaries across all health units that span across the Indian Railways ecosystem. 

Objectives of UMID

UMID has been introduced by the Indian Railways to offer a plethora of medical benefits to the beneficiaries. Some of the objectives include:

  1. UMID cards ease the process of application and revising beneficiary particulars online
  2. Built-in authentication mechanism ensures ease and convenience of health services
  3. Generate automatic OPD slips with the assistance of Kiosks present in hospitals
  4. Smart identity features help bypass the identification using the physical card
  5. Issue smart cards to all medical beneficiaries that include:
  • Employees
  • Pensioners
  • Dependents of employees and pensioners
  • Some other beneficiaries, such as Quasi Rly. Employees, Porters/ Coolies, etc.

UMID Features

Salient Features of the UMID cards 

Electronic Platform:

Right from registration and approval to card generation, the entire process is carried on an electronic platform. Everything happens online, and there is no longer a need for any paperwork, a major step towards digitization. 

Card Free System: 

Biometric and QR code systems, along with integrated database pan-India identity numbers, eliminate the need for physical card verification. 

Change of Health Units

Registration for the change of health units across Indian Railways is facilitated with the help of an online application.

Automatic Generation of OPD Slips

With OPD slips, you can access medical facilities across any medical hospital or private clinic. With the Kiosks installed at hospitals, you can easily generate OPD slips.

Hospital-wise Debits and Credits

Registered user databases by hospitals help in debit and credit initiation.

Hassle-free Usage

The built-in authentication mechanism of UMID cards makes it easy to avail the medical services for railway employees or its dependents, a hassle-free experience. By having any of the valid particulars such as the medical card number, PF number, Aadhaar number, PAN number, QR code, PPO number, and registered mobile number, one can access the railway medical facilities.

Both Web and Mobile Application

Users can access the UMID card from the mobile device or through the web portal. There is an official Android app available in the Play Store, which you can download and save ID cards on the mobile. Alternatively, one can print the QR code on the paper and use it for e-validation.

Applicability and Scalability

The universal applicability and scalability to use the software across multiple units of Indian Railways as a whole give it a tremendous edge.

Continuous Validation Mechanism

UMID allows for regular updating of beneficiaries in the back-end process. Also, one can easily print the UMID card anytime, featuring the updated details using a mobile or a computer.

CSTE Scheme Hospitals

By making use of biometric authentication, interfacing with hospitals tied up with CSTE (Cashless Treatment Scheme in Emergency) is made possible.

Referral Hospitals Interfacing

Biometric authentication of the UMID system makes it easier to interface with referral hospitals.

Benefits of UMID Card

  • With the availability of the web and mobile application, the beneficiaries can apply the UMID code from anywhere.
  • No need for any physical card for identification purposes as UMID encompasses smart identity features.
  • Updating the details of beneficiaries is no more a hassle! One can easily enter the particulars of the beneficiaries quite easily.
  • Ease and convenience in accessing health services of Railway hospitals.
  • It is quite easy to print OPD slips with the help of Kiosks placed at the hospitals
  • These UMID cards have built-in validation with automatic invalidation for conditional eligibility.
  • The cards help initiate debit and credit between health units.

Built-in validation for Automatic Invalidation for Conditional Eligibility.

  • With UMID cards, it is quite easy to identify the health units at any point in time. 

Who is Eligible to Avail the UMID card?

In case you want to know the eligible users for availing the UMID card, then here are the details:

  • Employees
  • Pensioners
  • Dependents of Employees and Pensioners
  • Other beneficiaries, such as Quasi Rly. Employees, Porters/ Coolies, etc.
  • UMID card gives a unique identity to all medical beneficiaries through a unique number as a perpetual identity.

Registration and Application Procedure for UMID card

One can complete the registration procedure and complete the application in three possible steps. They include:


Visit the official UMID website for the initiation of the process. Alternatively, you can also download the UMID mobile app from Google Play Store. 

Registration Link: Click Here


For registration, you need to choose the type beneficiaries, be it employees, pensioners, or the dependents.

Enter the Identity particulars (PAN, Date of Birth and the PF number)

Application Procedure: 

You can start the UMID application in four simple steps.

  • Login through the mobile OTP.
  • Initiate New Application.
  • Fill up the complete details of Self and Family Members.
  • Upload Relevant Documents (as per checklist) and then click submit.

Login Link: Click Here

Checklists Before Applying for UMID Cards

Keeping all the relevant documents as per the different dependents makes the whole UMID application process a hassle-free experience. With checklists at your disposal, the application process can be completed within a short time without any hiccups. All the documents need to be scanned in JPEG/JPG format for uploading during the application process.

Checklist for Employees Applying for UMID Cards

  • Photograph of Employee & all the dependents
  • Signature of employee
  • Old Medical ID card of the employee
  • ID proof of all individual dependents

In case if you happen to be a pensioner and wondering what documents are needed for applying for UMID cards, then you are at the right place. Below is the checklist featuring all the documents that are necessary for pensioners.

Checklist for Pensioners Applying for UMID Cards

  • Checklist for pensioners applying for UMID cards
  • Photograph of all the pensioners and their dependents
  • Signature of pensioner
  • Old Medical Card of pensioner
  • ID proof of all individual dependents
  • The latest pension slip

What is the Procedure to Fill the Application Form for UMID Cards?

For employees: 

The first and foremost step to get the UMID cards for employees is to complete the user registration online. The employees need to furnish the required details in the relevant fields for the registration process. They include:

  • PF/ Employee number (11 digits)
  • PAN number (ten-digit alphanumeric code)
  • Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY format)

After successful registration, employees can proceed online for UMID cards. Besides the above, the employees need to furnish the additional details corresponding to dependents. Some of them include the family member name, Date of birth, relation, marital status, blood group, residential address, Aadhaar, PAN, Email ID, Mobile number, and so on.

For Pensioners and their Dependents:

The pensioners and their dependents, the first step to get the UMIC Medical card are to register online on the UMID website. They need to furnish the relevant details while filling the application form:

  • PPO Number (7th CPC)
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Cessation
  • Pensioner Type (Primary/ Secondary)
  • Pension Scheme (with/ without FMA)

As mentioned earlier, the pensioners or their dependents need to fill the additional fields to get the UMID cards. The additional details to fill during the application process are elucidated in the table below. 

How to Download UMID Card?

After getting approval for the ID card, you can download the UMID card by the following means:

  • You can save ID card in mobile through the mobile application
  • You can print the ID card on a plastic card
  • You can also print a QR code on the plain paper.

How to Avail Medical Services through UMID?

All the eligible medical beneficiaries can avail of the medical services through the following three steps.

  • Enter the registered identity particulars of the UMID card
  • Validate the details using Biometrics
  • Automatic printing of OPD slips using kiosks installed at the hospitals

List of Hospitals in the network that employees and pensioners can approach: Click here

Help Desk to Resolve Queries

The help desk tab present on the website offers solutions to all the queries surrounding the UMID cards. You can raise a service request under the help desk tab.

  • Registered users need not enter the email ID. In the case of non-registration, you need to provide the email ID. 
  • Then enter the subject of your request
  • Clearly state or elucidate the query in detail
  • Click submit, and you would get a reference number. You can use the reference number for future communication purposes.

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  1. As we applied for umid for my mother she is a pensioner ,as my father expired one umid update has given that my father is the pensioner and my mother is the applicant since it’s a big pblm.I want to solve it ,plz help


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