PNR Full Form: What is It in Indian Railway Tickets?

PNR Number Indian Railways

The full form of PNR is the passenger name record; it is the unique number assigned to the passenger travelling in the trains. It is a 10-digit number that is stored in the database of the CRS, i.e., the computer reservation system. The PNR features the complete details of the passenger/group of passengers, such as the name, age, gender, start point of the journey, destination, and so on. One can use it to check the reservation status of the tickets from time to time in case of unconfirmed tickets.   

Where Can I Find the PNR Number on a Booked Ticket? 

For bookings made through the railway reservation counters, you can find the PNR number on the top-left corner of the printed ticket. If the ticket is booked online, you can find the PNR number in the top cell. You can check the PNR status via different modes such as the online websites, mobile applications, through SMS, or via the Kiosks placed at the railway stations. 

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