IRCTC Train Coach Booking for Marriage: How to Book FTR Special Trains or Coaches for Wedding Trips?

IRCTC Train Coach Booking Marriage

Indian Railways forms the chief mode of transport for people in India owing to comfort and affordability. There might arise a situation where you need to travel along with hundreds of relatives at a time; be it a pilgrimage, wedding, and so on. In such a scenario, booking tickets for all of the passengers individually is a daunting task. Under such circumstances, booking an entire coach/coaches is the feasible option. But have you anytime wondered how Indian Railways facilitates this option? Getting a confirmed ticket is not an easy task! The advanced reservation system in Indian Railways opens about 120 days before the scheduled departure of the train.

If the train route falls in the most trafficked sites, it further complicates the situation. As per the Indian railway rules, a person can book a total of 6 tickets at a time. As such booking tickets of more than 50 tickets requires filling of multiple forms. Paying heed to all these problems, Indian Railways offers a separate option wherein the passengers can book the train coach/coaches at a stretch making it easy for the passengers. It comes in handy passengers who plan on a vacation or a wedding that usually involve flocks of passengers travelling together. Indian Railways has launched a service called Full Tariff Rate (FTR) wherein one can book the entire coach with confirmed seats/berths. In this article, we get to know the complete details when it comes to booking a complete train coach/berth of a train. 

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FTR Service Makes it easy for Bulk Booking for Wedding/ Marriage

If you want to make a booking for more passengers (be it 50 or more than a hundred) in case of marriages, one can opt for group booking. Here one can book the entire coach of a train for travelling. Such a system is made possible by the department. While opting for booking, one needs to furnish the complete details of the passengers travelling in the train. They need to provide all the necessary details so that booking can be carried out without any hassle. 

If you want to book a coach for a wedding/marriage, they have to make the booking for six months or the least one month before the wedding date. At a time, you can book 7 coaches in a train for Rs 50,000 per coach. If you want to book more than 7 coaches, then an additional amount of Rs 10,000 per additional coach. The pricing of the coaches is valid for a journey that lasts for 7 days. 

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What is IRCTC FTR Service?

IRCTC Full Tariff Rate service allows booking of the entire train/coach with the confirmed seats. The passengers/organisation can make bookings for train or coach through the website or at the UTS (Unreserved ticket service) counter. The FTR booking is allowed for journeys starting from all stations of Indian Railways. 

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Permissible Number of Coaches for Booking

Train booking: 

You can book a maximum of 24 coaches in an FTR train, which also includes 2SLR and 2 SLR coaches as mandatory.

Coach Booking:

You are allowed to book a maximum of 10 number of coaches on FTR in a train for one tour program.

Refund rules:

 In case of cancellation of train/coach booking by the Indian railways, the refund will be processed as per the existing process through the Chief Commercial Manager (CCM).  

Procedure for Train Coach Booking

Here you will get to know how you can register for the IRCTC FTR service. To avail the service, you need to create a new account. The existing IRCTC account will not work here. There exist two methods to do FTR registration successfully. One is an online method, and the other is an offline method. It should be remembered that the registration of the trains/coaches does not guarantee the allotment of trains/coaches. It all depends on the operational feasibility as well as the availability of the coaches.

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Train Coach Booking by Online Procedure

  • Visit the IRCTC FTR service and click on the new registration. A registration form pops up where you need to fill in the details. 
  • You need to furnish the details such as First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, PAN Card NumberEmail Id, Location with full address, Pin-code, and so on.
  • In the Party type section, click on the Party as Public and under Party subtype, select the appropriate option such as Indian Tourist, Foreign tourist, and general.
  • Click on the Register button; then a pop-up appears with the mobile number and user name. Click on it and check your email box where you can find the automatically-generated password. You can change the password later if you desire to do so.
  • You can then visit the IRCTC FTR service and log in using the new username and password. Here you have to provide booking type, journey details, and submit a request. You will be provided with a reference number.  
  • You then have to pay the registration fee against the reference number and post successful payment; you would get an FTR number.

Train Coach Booking By Offline Procedure

In case, if you find it difficult to book a train coach by online procedure, then you can do so by opting through the offline procedure. The process involves contacting the controlling officer or the chief reservation officer of the concerned reservation office for bulk booking. 

Step by Step Procedure for Bulk Booking Via Offline Mode

  • Visit the nearest source railway station and go to the Chief booking supervisor (CBS) or the Stationmaster (SM).
  •  You need to submit a letter featuring details such as train number, date of journey, number of berths/seats, and the details of the passengers. 
  • Then the SM/CBS searches for the availability limits in trains in line with the rules. Also, you would be asked about the willingness to be scattered in groups.
  •  The controlling office which presides over the reservation office then approves one’s request. 
  • The CBS officer generates a reference number. You then need to proceed to the UTS (Unreserved ticket service) counter and pay the amount. As of now, only payment by cash is accepted.
  • After a successful payment, you would then get an FTR registration number. You can then take this number and go back to CBS/SM, then CBS will provide an FTR number for your journey.  
  • At CBS counter, you can also get a printout of the request details by providing the FTR number.

Train Coach Booking Charges

Advance/Reservation Amount for Train/ Coach Booking

One can book the entire train consisting of 18 coaches or can also opt for a single coach or a number of coaches. There would be a huge difference in the advance registration fee that is paid for the train/Coach booking.

Entire Train Booking

If you want to book an entire train consisting of 18 coaches for a period of 7 days, then the registration fee would be Rs 9,00,000 (9 lakhs). If you want There is also the feasibility of opting for extra coaches if needed. For that the Indian Railways Rs 50,000 per an additional coach. If the journey duration spans for more than 7 days, then Rs 10,000 per coach per day will be levied by the Indian Railways. 

Train Coach Booking

Besides entire train booking, one can also opt for coach booking that features a single coach or many coaches. The registration amount cum security deposit for a single coach is Rs 50,000 for a tour journey of 7 days. The amount multiplies with the increase in the number of coaches. For instance, if there are 200 members, then you require three coaches which would cost Rs 1,50,000. If your journey lasts for more than 10 days, then you need to pay an additional amount of Rs 10,000 per coach. 

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Cancellation of IRCTC FTR

  • A party will be charged 2% of the security deposit if it cancels the FTR request prior to the receipt of provisional approval by the IRCTC
  • If the FTR request is provisionally approved and if the train/coaches are cancelled 48 hours before the scheduled departure, then 10% of the security deposit will be charged.
  • Full security deposit stays forfeited if the party cancels the train/ coach from 48 hours to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train.
  • If the cancellation happens before 24 hours to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, then 25% of the chargeable fare is charged as the cancellation charges.
  • A 50% of the chargeable fare is charged if the cancellation is made within 4 hours of the scheduled departure of the train.
  • IN case the FTR request stands cancelled/ unfeasible on the IRCTC/ Railway account, then no cancellation charges are levied, and the party will be liable for a full refund. 

Terms and Conditions for Full Tariff Rate (FTR) Registration

Pilot Basis: 

Online booking of FTR is on a pilot basis, and booking is only allowed for journey starting from stations of Western Railway.

Booking Period: 

The booking period for FTR registration is usually six months from the journey and can be booked before a minimum of 30 days.

  • The reservation prices are subject to change from time to time subject to the Ministry of Railways. As of now, FTR booking is in pilot mode, and the bookings are only allowed for stations starting from Western Railway.
  • Group booking is not permitted in the first hour of counter opening, i.e., from 8.00 am to 8.30 am.
  • Group booking is not allowed on the opening day of the Advance Reservation period, which is usually 120 days before the scheduled departure of the train. For short-distance trains, it is 10, 30 and 60 days respectively.
  • Group bookings for trains with dynamic fare structure such as the Rajdhani and Shatabdi can also be made on the opening day. For such trains, the charges are equal to the Tatkal fare for the train which is 1.5 times the opening fare.

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