IRCTC E-Ticket Cancellation: How to Cancel IRCTC E-Ticket With and Without login?

IRCTC E-Ticket Cancellation

If you have booked a railway reservation ticket online (e-ticket) and do not want to travel, then you can opt for the cancellation of the ticket. IRCTC website ( facilitates the cancellation of even the confirmed e-ticket. However, it should be noted that the cancellation of the e-ticket is permitted only until the preparation of the final reservation chart. For this, you must be well aware of the IRCTC Train charting, and train ticket cancellation charges. The e-tickets cannot be cancelled at the railway ticket counters.

In general, the final reservation comprising the eligible passengers to board the train is prepared before four hours to the scheduled departure of the train at the origin station. The chart preparation times do vary for morning, evening, and mid-night trains. There are two modes by which you can cancel the e-ticket online; one by logging in to the IRCTC website and other through without login (Email).

How to Cancel Booked IRCTC E-ticket Online Through the Official IRCTC Website

  • Log onto the official IRCTC website by logging into the account by providing the correct user name and password.
  • For direct cancellation of the e-ticket, you can click on the My Transactions and then click Booked Ticket History.
  • It displays a complete list of bookings you have made in the recent past. Here you can opt for full cancellation or partial cancellation.
  • In case of partial cancellation, you can select the passengers whose reservation has to be cancelled and click on Cancel Ticket. You would then be displayed the eligible refunded amount.
  • The passengers opting for continuing the journey post the partial cancellation must carry a print out of the Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS) to be eligible to travel.
  • In case of a full cancellation, you can directly click on the Cancel ticket option. A confirmation pop-up would be displayed and then click “OK” to confirm the cancellation. 
  • Upon successful cancellation of the ticket, a confirmation message is displayed on the screen along with the refunded amount.
  • The confirmation message for the cancellation will be sent to the registered mobile number of the customer against which the cancellation is made.
  • Similarly, a confirmation email would also be sent to the email ID registered for the IRCTC account.
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How to Cancel IRCTC E-ticket Without Login

You can also cancel the IRCTC e-ticket without logging into your official IRCTC account. You can cancel the e-ticket by sending an email from your registered email address linked to the IRCTC account. You must furnish the following information in the email:

  • PNR number of the ticket
  • Travel Journey details from the source station to the destination station
  • Train number, name, and name of the person whose ticket has to be canceled.

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