Indian Railways Special Train List During Lockdown: Route, How to Book Tickets, Price, Schedule, New Rules and More

IRCTC Special Trains Lock Down

In what seems to be a major step towards the restoration of normal activity, Indian Railways have decided to run 15 pairs of trains starting May 12. They will run as special trains starting from New Delhi and connecting 15 important cities of the country. All the trains will be fully air-conditioned and follow the Covid-19 norms, such as social distancing. As such AC-3 tier coaches allow 52 passengers, whereas AC-2 tier coaches only allow 48 passengers owing to social distancing. The trains will run with limited stoppages and that too for an operational basis. 

The bookings for these special trains can be made only on the IRCTC website or mobile application starting May 11 at 6 pm. These trains are being run on a pilot basis to check for the demand of passengers for interstate transportation. The railways would assess the situation after 7-10 days. Indian Railways will start special services in new routes based on the availability of coaches. A total of 2000 coaches for Covid-19 care centers and an adequate number of coaches that enable operation of 300 trains are reserved for Shramik special.

Indian Railways Special Train List During Lock Down

Indian Railways has suspended the services of passenger, express and mail trains post-March 21 owing to Coronavirus pandemic. Only freight trains and parcel trains are allowed to transport essential items in the country. For the first time, after 50 days post-lock down period, the Indian Railways has decided to run 15 pairs of trains. These trains run as special trains and start from New Delhi station and travel to important cities within the country. The 15 trains run as special AC trains starting from New Delhi to other important cities in the country. They include Dibrugarh, Agartala, Secunderabad, Bhubaneswar, Patna, Howrah, Bilaspur, Ranchi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Madgaon, Mumbai Central, Jammu Tawi, and Ahmedabad.

  1. New Delhi to Dibrugarh
  2. New Delhi to Agartala
  3. New Delhi to Howrah
  4. New Delhi to Patna
  5. New Delhi to Bilaspur
  6. New Delhi to Ranchi
  7. New Delhi to Bhubaneswar
  8. New Delhi to Secunderabad
  9. New Delhi to Bengaluru
  10. New Delhi to Chennai
  11. New Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram
  12. New Delhi to Madgaon
  13. New Delhi to Mumbai Central
  14. New Delhi to Ahmedabad
  15. New Delhi to Jammu Tawi

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Railways to Implement Strict Hygiene Norms

Inline with Covid-19 norms, the Indian Railways would follow all the necessary hygiene norms. It involves the mandatory wearing of facemasks for passengers, screening of travelers at departure. Only asymptomatic passengers are allowed to travel on the train. Railways is set to offer bottled water on payment. But the passengers need to carry their own linen, drinking water, food, dry-ready to eat food.

How to Book Tickets Online and Cancellation Rules 

  • The travel tickets for these special trains can be booked only via Online mode. 
  • Ticket booking counters at railway stations remain closed as well as no counter tickets (platform tickets) will be issued.
  • The advanced reservation period for train ticket booking on these special trains is seven days. 
  • After train ticket booking, if the PNR Status of the booked tickets remains in  RAC and Waitlist status, then such passengers are not permitted to board the train. Only passengers with confirmed tickets are allowed to travel on these special trains.
  • Online cancellation of booked tickets is allowed up to 24hrs before the scheduled departure of the train. 
  • The cancellation charges would be 50 percent of the original fare.
  • No Tatkal booking is allowed for travel in these trains.

Important Rules for Passengers Opting to Travel in these Special Trains

  • There would be no booking of tickets at counters, and also no platform tickets will be sold.
  • Tickets for travelling in these trains can only be purchased via IRCTC official website and the app.
  • These trains feature only AC coaches, and the train fare of these special trains are on par with that of Rajdhani express.
  • There are no unreserved coaches in these trains in a bid to maintain social distancing.
  • Those passengers who have booked the tickets earlier for travel in these trains are ineligible for boarding the trains.
  • The train ticket bookings for these special trains start on May 11, starting at 4 pm. There is no Tatkal quota booking for travel on these trains. 
  • Indian Railways allows only asymptomatic passengers to travel on the train. They must wear the face mask and have passed the screening procedure at the stations. 
  • Passengers with confirmed tickets are only allowed to enter the railway station. 
  • Passengers must reach the station prior to about 90 minutes in advance for the purpose of thermal screening.
  • All passengers travelling in these special trains are advised to download the Arogya Setu App. 

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Train Running Schedule of these 15 trains

The train schedule of these special trains differs from each other. Among the 15 trains, some of them run daily, others are weekly trains, and the remaining run are biweekly trains and runs twice per week. With live train running status, you can keep track of the exact movement and location of the special trains from time to time. 

Train Schedule Special Trains

Daily Trains

The eight trains running from to Patna, Mumbai, Dibrugarh, Kolkata, Jammu Tawi, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, and Ahmedabad run daily.

Weekly Trains

The train service from New Delhi to Secunderad are weekly trains and run only once per week.

Bi/Tri-Weekly Trains

The special trains from New Delhi to Madgaon, Bilaspur, Ranchi, and Chennai run twice a week. Then there is New Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram that runs thrice per week.


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