Indian Railways to Convert 502 Passenger Trains That Run Beyond 200 Km into Express Trains

Indian Railways Passenger Trains to Express Trains

In a major decision, the Indian Railways has decided to convert 502 passenger trains that run beyond 200km into express trains. The railways suffered a huge blow in its earnings as the nation came to a complete halt for three months owing to Coronavirus Pandemic. Only, the freight trains are being operated during this period, for the transport of essential commodities.

The latest decision from the Ministry comes as a major jolt to the poor and marginal class who rely on passenger trains between stations for their daily commute. With this conversion, the fares of the trains would increase drastically as express train fare is double that of the passenger train. The express trains run at a higher speed than the passenger trains and have few stoppages. What this does is eliminates many of the regular halts, even though it saves travel time. The move comes after the Ministry’s recent decision to introduce a zero Time table from July 1. As part of it, the Ministry has thereby directed the respective zones to cancel trains with low occupancy as well as to curtail unviable halts.

According to Indian railways, 53 trains of the Northern railway will be converted from passenger to express trains. The trains run between three states that include Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. Among them, nine trains run from Delhi and also include DEMU and MEMU trains.

List of Passenger Trains of Delhi Zone that will be changed to Express Trains

  1. Delhi to Haridwar Junction (54475)Haridwar to Delhi Junction (54476)
  2. Delhi to Kalka Passenger (54303)
  3. Delhi to Ambala Passenger (54539)
  4. Delhi to Rishikesh Passenger (54471)
  5. Delhi to Hisar (54309)
  6. Delhi to Ferozepur Cantt (54641)
  7. Delhi to Shahjahanpur (54076)
  8. Delhi to Kurukshetra Junction (74013)

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Besides an increase in fare, the average speed of the converted trains from passenger to express will be increased to 100km/hour. However, to travel in these trains, one can travel only after getting a confirmed berth/seat for the maintenance of social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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