Indian Railways Opens NUTY Food Outlet at KSR Bengaluru Railway Station to Offer Hygienic Food to Passengers

India Railways NUTY Outlet KSR Station Bengaluru

It is quite tricky to order healthy and tasty food while traveling on trains or waiting at the railway stations. To cater to the hungry fangs of passengers and railway users, Indian railways have opened a NUTY food outlet at KSR railway station, Bengaluru. The Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation (IRSDC) Limited, in partnership with ‘NUTY- Nutritious and Tasty’, now offers a wide range of hygienic food items prepared by expert chefs. The menu features different varieties of food that include tasty and healthy breakfast, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and seafood meals at reasonable prices. The outlet is said to serve all-natural food items devoid of any added preservatives. So, when you happen to be traveling from or waiting at the KSR Bengaluru railway station, do check out the outlet to satisfy your taste buds. 

Currently, IRSDC has been carrying out developmental works at railway stations, intending to transform them into airport-like hubs. As part of the initiative, some of the stations like Habibganj, Gandhinagar, Anand Vihar, Chandigarh, Surat are being transformed into world-class hubs. The full details of the food items that are offered at the NUTY outlet are given below:

 Breakfast under Rs 40

  • Tomato rice
  • Lemon rice
  • Tamarind rice
  • Mint rice
  • Upma
  • Vermicelli upma
  • Pongal
  • Tomato Pongal

    Vegetarian Meals for Rs 60

  • Veg biryani
  • Veg curry with roti
  • Channa masala with roti
  • Palak paneer with roti

    Non-vegetarian Meals (Chicken) for Rs 80

  •  Chicken biryani
  •  Chicken curry with roti
  •  Chicken curry with parotta
  •  Chettinad chicken curry

Seafood Meals for Rs 80

  • Fish kheema with roti
  • Fish biryani
  • Prawns Biryani
  • Chettinadu fish curry with rice
  • Bengali mustard fish curry with rice 
  • Andhra Chapala Pulusu with rice


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