Indian Railways Achieves 100% Punctuality Record for the First Time in History

Indian Railways 100 Percent Punctuality Record

The Ministry of Railways has announced that the Indian Railways has achieved a 100% punctuality record for the first time in history. The railways achieved the feat today (i.e., on July 1), where 201 of the running trains reached the destination on time as per the train schedule. The previous best being 99.54 on 23-6-2020, with one train being delayed. In other words, none of the running trains witnessed a delay in the arrival and departure timings.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal expressed his happiness on Twitter, where he wrote “Trains in the Fast Lane: Enhancing services to unprecedented levels, Indian Railways made history on 1st July 2020 by achieving 100% punctuality rate”.

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The feat is mainly aided by the fact that less number of running trains account for no congestion on tracks. Also, it should be noted that Indian Railways has been running only a fraction of total trains (about 2% of the available 13,000 trains) owing to the Coronavirus pandemic. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Indian Railways has cancelled all the passenger trains till August 12. It is only running special trains to ferry the stranded passengers. As of now, Indian Railways is operating 15 pairs of special trains running on Rajdhani routes along with the goods trains. It is also operating 100 pairs of mail/express trains alongside goods trains. The average fare per person on the Shramik trains is Rs 600 and the national transport has amassed 360 crore after running 4,450 Shramik trains. 

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