How to Check Vacant Berth Status, Reservation Charts Online on IRCTC Website


The Indian Railways has introduced a new feature, wherein the passengers would be able to view the status of the seats while booking online. Inline with airlines, the passengers would now be able to view the vacant berths and reservation charts online. The passengers would be able to view the same on the IRCTC website. The new move from Indian Railways would enhance the travel experience as well as transparency among the passengers.

New Feature on IRCTC website Displays Reservation Charts and Vacant Berths Online

The new feature introduced in the ticketing system presents a graphical representation of the vacant berths/seats available on the train. The feature displays the complete seating layout of the train with the trains in different colours. It helps to distinguish seats that are booked, partially booked, or vacant. The feature displays the coach layout of 9 classes present in Indian Railways. As such, the Indian Railways has incorporated a total of 120 different coach layouts. The user would also be able to see the exact position of the berth allocated to a passenger against a particular PNR in the graphical layout.

The users would be likewise able to view the class-wise and coach-wise berth availability after the preparation of the chart. The Indian Railways prepares two charts, the first one before four hours after the departure of the train at the origin station. A second chart is prepared 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train. The second chart displays the seat availability after accommodating the current reservations as well as cancellations done after the first chart. The feature is available on both the mobile as well as the web version. The new feature eliminates the hassle of running behind the TTE to check for the vacant seats/berths in the train information. 

How Can I Check the Reservation Charts Online?

  • Login to the IRCTC website; at the bottom you can find the Charts/Vacancy option.

Indian Railways Online Reservation Charts

  • In the next window, you need to provide the train number and the Journey date and the boarding station and click on Get Train chart.

  • It displays the full chart with the vacant berth status of different coaches. You can also see the layout of the train beneath.

  • You can click on the specific coach to get the layout and the berth-wise accommodation status.

  • Partially booked seats are highlighted in Yellow, Available seats are highlighted in green. If you click on the booked/partially booked seats in the layout, you get the travel info of the passenger in the occupied seat.

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