What is “Forgo Full Concession,” “Forgo 50 Concession” Meaning in IRCTC?

Senior Citizens Forgo Concession

Forgo Full concession in IRCTC refers to giving off the complete senior citizens’ concession. On the other hand, Forgo 50 concession corresponds to passenger opted for half senior citizen concession.   It is an option provided by the Indian Railways, wherein the senior citizens can forego or waive off their concession and contribute to national development. Indian Railways offers a concession to senior citizens on booking train tickets in general quota. The male senior citizens are given 40% concession, whereas the female senior citizens can avail a 50% concession on train ticket booking.

What is a “forgo concession” in IRCTC? - QuoraTC Forgo Concession: Full Details

Indian Railways offers a concession to the passengers across 55 categories on the purchase of train tickets. IRCTC offers concessions to senior citizens upon ticket booking in general quota. Hence, a majority of the senior citizens opt for concession, and this puts a tremendous subsidiary burden on the Railways. In a bid to reduce the subsidiary burden, IRCTC has been offering the senior citizens with the option to forego concession on reserved tickets. The permissible age for the male passenger to be eligible for a concession is 58. On the contrary, female passengers are eligible for senior citizen concession if they are 60 years old. 

Earlier, IRCTC instantly used to offer a concession to the eligible passengers upon filling the age-related information. Many Senior citizens are willing to pay the full fare as they can afford it. Hence, keeping this in view, IRCTC has introduced the Forego concession option while purchasing the train tickets. IRCTC asks for the consent of the passengers and offers the option to forego concession or cancel and avail concession while booking a train ticket. If anyone wants to give up senior citizens’ concession and pay the full ticket fare, then he/she can do so. 

How to book Train Tickets Without Senior Citizen Concession?

Senior citizens opting to book train tickets without senior citizen concession can choose the “Forgo Full Concession” option under “Option for Senior Citizen Concession” in passenger detail form. They can also choose to give up partial concession by choosing Forgo 50 concession, and they will be charged accordingly. 

How to book train Train Tickets With 50% Senior Citizen Concession?

The senior citizens can opt for Forgo 50% concession option under “Option for Senior Citizens concession” of passenger’s detail form. 

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