How to Buy Railway Platform Tickets Online Using UTS App?

Buy Platform Tickets Online UTS App

A platform ticket is issued by the Indian railways that grant the passengers with access to platforms of the railway stations. The people with passenger tickets can roam freely with their family and friends on the railway platforms but cannot board or access any of the train services. The platform tickets are valid for 2 hours from the time of the issue. With the emergence of technology, now you can buy platform tickets online. So staying in long queues to get the platform ticket is a thing of the past! The people roaming on the platforms without a platform ticket are liable to be penalised by the Indian Railways staff. 

How to buy Platform Ticket Online?

You can buy online platform ticket by using the UTS app developed by CRIS. The app is available for download via Google Play, App Store and Windows. For using the UTS app, the smartphone should be GPS enabled and should have a good GPRS connectivity. 

Registration Process

After downloading the app, the user has to provide some requisite details like the mobile number, age, gender, password, date of birth and so on.

Then the user receives an OTP to his registered mobile number as specified during the registration. Then he needs to enter the OTP to verify the mobile number.

That’s it! The registration process is successful and an R-wallet with zero balance would be created.

Services Offered in the UTS App

  • Book Ticket( Normal and quick booking)
  • Ticket cancellation
  • Booking History
  • R-wallet 
  • Profile
  • Show booked ticket

Using the UTS app, besides the platform ticket, the users can make season ticket bookings and general ticket bookings.

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Types of Booking

Normal booking in the UTS app can be made by Paperless and Paper mode.

Paperless Booking (Book and Travel)

For paperless booking, the user cannot make ticket booking within the premises of the railway station. The user should be within a 2km range of the railway station. They need not take the printout of the booked tickets and can show to the TTE using the Show Ticket option present in the app.

Paper Booking

For paper booking, it is mandatory to take the printout of the booked ticket at the nearby ATVM/CoTVM kiosks or General Booking counters.  

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