Live Train Status

Train Running Status

Indian Railways is one of the largest rail networks worldwide. In a country like India, people mostly prefer railways as their principal mode of transport owing to affordability. In general, the travel fares of the train are much cheaper than the bus as well as airlines. The department of India Railways manages the processes and systems efficiently for the convenience of the people.

With the advent of technology, the Indian Railways have constantly been upgrading their services to offer more convenient solutions to the passengers. One of the exciting features it added in recent times is the live train status, using which you can spot your train in just a few clicks on mobile or laptop.

Live Train Running Status

Gone are the days when passengers have to wait for longer durations in stations in case the train happens to be delayed. But with live train running status, they can stay informed all the time and keep track of the train movement and the exact location of the train from time to time.

Train status feature comes in very handy for passengers as it gives them the flexibility for them to plan accordingly. In case the train gets delayed, they can reschedule their travel to the railway station from homes accordingly rather than waiting for long hours at the station. With live train running status, the passengers can also get to know the additional details like last reported station, estimated time of arrival, to name a few.

Advantages of checking the live train status of trains

Checking live train running status beforehand brings a fair share of advantages to the table. Check the, below:

Avoid Waiting time:

It is a common scenario that passengers tend to arrive half an hour or 1 hour earlier than the scheduled arrival time of the train. But with live train status information, they can keep a track of the ETA (estimated time of arrival) at the railway station and avoid unnecessary waiting time at the boarding station.

Monitor your travel Real-time:

Passengers can keep a real-time check of the running status of the train online. They can know the destination station time beforehand, they can avoid the last-minute rush while deboarding the train.

How to Spot Your Train Using Live Train Status Feature on eTrain Status?

The live train status feature not only comes in handy for passengers planning a trip but also offers important information for those traveling inside the train. They can continuously keep a track of the running schedule and live status before heading to a station by spoturtrain feature on this website. Many websites let you check the train live running status on mobile anytime. With these websites, you can easily spot your train accurately and stay informed all the time during the journey. You can thereby get rid of the uncontrollable panic that sets in during travel, which is a common phenomenon for travelers. Also, passengers get to know the exact platform number for boarding a train. It eliminates the hassle of having to run to Qiosk or an entry counter or search for the display board for the details. All you need to have is a working internet connection on your mobile, and you are good to go to check the train running status.

  • Enter the train number in the search box
  • Select the date
  • Now, spot your train by finding the green spot in the list which is the location where your train is currently located
  • You can also know the estimated time when the train reaches the destination

To check live train running status, enter the train number in the provided search box in the mobile app/website. Then you need to select the start date of the train, which is usually the time when the train departs from the origin station.

ETD : It refers to the estimated time of departure and gives the time when a train would depart from a junction.

ATA : Actual time of arrival and offers a real-time scenario when the train actually arrives at a junction.

ETD : It stands for the estimated time of departure and is the probable time when the train leaves the station.

RT : It corresponds to Real-time wherein the data presented correspond to the exact location of the train

UA : It means Update Awaited, which means the data is yet to be updated by the en-route staff, and hence the status is awaited.

CNC : If the response happens to be CNC, it means that the train has been canceled at the station. It also gives information such as at which station the train has been canceled along with the reasons.

CNC : If the response happens to be CNC, it means that the train has been cancelled at the station. It also gives information such as at which station the train has been cancelled along with the reasons.

PF : It stands for "Expected Platform;" it offers valuable information indicating the exact platform the train arrives.

Train Live Running Status on Mobile:

Passengers can check the live status of the train using various modes that include mobile, website, SMS or call. Here’s the detailed procedure to check the train running information on mobile.

Check Live Train Status Tracking Through SMS : Indian Railways also provided an inquiry number 139 to fetch the live train running status details by SMS or call. Send AD followed by a five-digit train number and STD code of the desired station. You will get the confirmed details. However, the SMS service is not free, and it would cost the user Rs 3 for a single SMS.

Websites and Apps that Show Online Train Status Tracking : The feature of live train running status is available on all major websites like NTES (National Train Enquiry System), IRCTC, RailYatri, Trainman, Ixigo, to name a few. Apart from sites, users can also get the train live running status on apps such as IRCTC train PNR status, Where is my train, Spot your Train, and many more. These apps also come with Google Maps integration and offer an accurate location of the train.

How to check train status on eTrainStatus?

Passengers can very well check the live train status on this website in two easy clicks. First you need to enter the train number in the search box and hit the 'Get Live Status' button. The next thing that you need to do is select the date that you wanted to know the latest running status. That's it! You can now spot your train you are searching.