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Indian Railways is the preferred mode of commute for many owing to its affordability. Each train has coaches that are composed of multiple classes having different train fares. The Indian Railways issue train tickets to the passengers who book tickets through IRCTC or via Indian Railways ticket reservation counters.

The tickets contain all the details of the passenger along with total travel fare. Besides the distance, the train fare is calculated based on multiple parameters. If you are the one looking for comprehensive information related to the train fare, then you are in the right place. eTrain Status offers you the complete details surrounding train fare, their calculation, concessions, train fare inquiry, and more. Browse through this page, and you will have all your doubts clarified surrounding train fares.

Different Types of Train Classes and Their Fares

If you happen to check the train ticket availability online through IRCTC, website, or apps, you might have come across train fare. The train fare is nothing but the total charge paid for your travel. The fare structure of Indian Railways varies for different trains as well as classes. For instance, dynamic pricing applies to Rajdhani, Shatabdi, and Duronto, wherein the price of tickets is in direct proportion to the increasing demand. The lowest train fare is for unreserved class, which is more like a first-come, first-serve basis. It is followed by 2S class, which offers a bench type of seats and is non-conditioned coaches. Check below the other train classes in the increasing order of train fares:

Sleeper Class (SL) : They are non-air conditioned coaches and are in increasing demand. The compartment features 72 berths.

Chair Car (CC) : They are fully air-conditioned and feature reclined chairs.

Third AC (3A) : It is the fully air conditioned compartment having three bunk berths on each side. The coach contains a total of 64 berths for passengers.

Second AC (2A : This air-conditioned coach accommodates a total of 48 passengers.

First AC (1A) : The fares of 1A are on par with airline tickets and have limited seats. The class has the highest fare among the available train classes.

Various Train Ticket Concessions Available in Indian Railways

The Indian Railways extends travel concessions in passenger fares, which enable the passengers to travel at less than the normal price. The discount applies majorly to Senior citizens, students, and doctors and varies from 10% to 50%. However, the passengers must carry a relevant ID that confirms their age credentials during travel.

Female Senior Citizen : Females of 58 years of age are granted a 50% concession in all classes of trains. The concession even applies to eligible female passengers traveling in premium trains such as Rajdhani/Shatabdi/ Duronto/ Mail/ Express/ Jan Shatabdi.

Male Senior Citizen : Similar to the Senior female passengers, Indian Railways also offers 40% concession to male passengers of a minimum of 60 years of age. The concession applies to all classes of trains, including Rajdhani/Shatabdi/ Duronto/ Mail/ Express/ Jan Shatabdi.

Student : Indian Railways also gives a 50% concession on the base fare to the students. However, unlike its senior counterparts, the students are allowed concessional tickets in 2S and sleeper classes.

Doctor : The doctors who are traveling in Indian Railways are eligible for a 10% discount in all classes of trains. The concession applies to doctors traveling in trains such as Shatabdi and Rajdhani express.

How do Indian Railways Calculate Train Fare?

Have you ever wondered how does Indian Railways calculate train fares? The Railways calculates train fare per km run, and it is different for different train classes. The total train fare is a combination of multiple fare components. In general, the total fare is a combination of Base fare + Reservation charges + Superfast charges + Catering charges + Dynamic Fare + GST. In essence, the reservation charge varies from class to class.

For instance, the reservation charge for 1A is Rs 60, EC is Rs 60, 2A- Rs 50, 3A and CC- Rs 40, Sleeper class- Rs 20, and for 2S, it is Rs 15.

Catering Charges : Indian Railways levies catering charges on passengers who opt for catering services. The premium trains like Duronto, Shatabdi and Rajadhani have onboard catering services and serve food to the passengers. The catering price varies from class to class and also as per the served meal (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, etc.).

Dynamic Fare : Indian Railways has introduced the Dynamic fare or the Flexi-fare system in all the premium trains. Here the ticket fare increases in correlation to the increasing demand. The base fare of the tickets increases by 10% for every 10% of the berths sold. However, the first 10% of the tickets are sold for the normal base fare, and dynamic fare starts thereafter. In case, if any berths remain vacant at the time of charting, then they are offered under the current booking.

How to Check Train Fare of Different Trains?

One can check the train fare by both online as well as by using the phone. There are many third party websites and apps besides Indian Railways and IRCTC website that offer comprehensive details surrounding the train fare. All a user needs to enter is the Train number, journey date, source station, destination station, class, and quota to get the details. The users can also check the train fares of different trains by calling Railway Enquiry Number 139.