Train Coach Position

In India, a majority of the population relies on India Railways as their sole mode of transport owing to affordability and comfort. Indian Railways have been at the forefront of offering valuable services to the passengers and have been at the forefront when it comes to the adoption of the latest technology. Looking to find the right coach position, then you are in the right place. Most people find it challenging to locate the exact position of the coach from the engine. As train coaches are interconnected, most of the passengers board the train in other coaches and arrive at the right coach after a bit of inquiry. All these while they need to carry their hefty luggage along with them. They have to walk along with multiple coaches before arriving at the right one. What if the passengers are well informed of the train coach position beforehand? They can wait at the exact location on the platform and get into the right coach without any hassle. Hence, it eliminates the hassle of passengers having to walk along with multiple coaches bothering other fellow passengers. Although the Indian Railways continuously announces the arrival of the train, it is the role of passengers to locate the right train coach status and position. Further, for easy boarding, it is important for the passengers to locate the train coach status after the train arrives on the platform.

Whenever the passengers get a confirmed ticket, a PNR status alongside other details is sent to the passengers via SMS and email. The ticket features the details of the passengers along with the train coach position and the seat number. Every day hundreds of trains roam around the country, covering the length and breadth of the country. All the trains contain a certain number of coaches attached beside a railway engine. The number of coaches varies from train to train, and in most cases, the number tends to be equal to or more than 20. Before you book a train ticket for your travel, you need to be well aware of the various coaches present on a train. With the Indian Railway coach position, you can get to know the coach layout arrangements of various trains.

Coaches designation and their details

Before booking a ticket for your travel, it is of utmost important to get to know the coach nomenclature and their designations. At IndiaShopps, you can find the Widget in the train running status that offers complete details surrounding the train coaches. The Widget saves extra time of having to open the app/website to get the details like train table, berth, and the seat calculator, and so on. There are also other apps/ third party websites that offer comprehensive information about the various train coaches. For instance,with the IRCTC PNR status and coach position, you can view the current ticket status, passenger details, coach details, and so on.

The Indian Railways features various train coaches; the seat/berth layout inside the coach varies based on the price of the ticket. For instance, AC classes are considered as the premium classes in trains and offer maximum comfort to the passengers while traveling. On the flip side, they are also the classes that feature seats/berths of premium price segment. Then there is an affordable class such as 2S sitting that does not burn in passenger pockets but tends to be quite packed and uncomfortable. As it is an unconfirmed class, the passengers get the seats on the first-come, first-serve basis. Let's take a look at some of the coach designations present in Indian Railways:

Coach Nomenclature

  • 1A - AC First class
  • 2A - AC Two-Tier
  • 3A - AC Three-Tier
  • FC - First class
  • 3E - AC Three-Tier (economy)
  • EC - Executive Chair Car
  • CC - AC chair car
  • SL - Sleeper Class
  • 2S - Second Seater
  • UR/GEN - Unreserved/General

How to Know the Coach Position of a train?

The Indian Railways prepare the reservation charts hours before the departure of the train from the origin station. You can make a train coach position enquiry from the concerned official at the railway reservation counter. Besides, some online websites and apps offer live train coach status with just a few clicks. All you need to enter is the PNR number, and you get the complete details such as coach number, train seat position, train departure time at the boarding station, and other details.

What is 2s in train?

2s stands for second seating class which is a non-AC class of Indian Railways. The class is cheaper than sleeper class, has more seats and is usually available in short distance trains. Seats arrangement and layout of 2s class is similar to buses and flights. Types of seats available in 2s class are Window, Aisle, and Middle. While booking a ticket online, passengers can opt for Window seat if required.