Train Arrival and Departure Status

Train Arrival And Departure Enquiry

Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world and can be deemed as a 'transport lifeline of the nation.' If you happen to book a ticket via Indian Railways counters or the online modes through IRCTC website/third-party service providers, you would have received a confirmation SMS/e-mail for the same.

The SMS contains the complete details of the travel, such as the PNR number, the passenger details, boarding station, seat number, boarding station, and so on. Although the ticket does mention the exact time of departure of the train, most of the time, the info turns out to be inaccurate. Many underlying factors lead to a change in the scheduled train arrival time and departure of the train. With the emergence of advanced technology, now, every information is available at the fingertips. If you are well informed about the latest information on the arrival and departure of the train beforehand, you can make your travel arrangements accordingly. Many websites and apps offer up to date information concerning the scheduled arrival and train departure time and platform. With up to date information at the disposal, passengers can reach the correct platform beforehand for boarding the train. It thereby eliminates the last-minute rush and running of the passengers in the station for boarding the train.

How to Check the Train Arrival Departure Status

Also, there might arrive a situation when a passenger has missed his train and wanted to know the upcoming trains to his route in 2 hrs, 4 hrs, and 8 hrs. Although one can approach the railway enquiry counter for the details, it is not always the feasible option, since most of the time, they are overcrowded. Bid adieu to the old school ways of calling a ringing an enquiry counter and waiting for the concerned person to respond.

In the modern age of digitalisation, one can check for the available trains passing through the station in the next 2hrs, 4hrs, and 8hrs through websites and apps. To check the live station status, one needs to enter the 'From the station' as well as 'To station' details in the search box and select the approximate duration (2,4 and 8hrs) from the available options. Then you would get a list of trains that are going to arrive or depart from the particular station. Also, you can find the platform information wherein the train arrives. By staying up to date with the latest information surrounding the scheduled train arrival status and departure, one can stay well-informed and plan their journey accordingly. Therefore, you will spend less time on futile activities such as waiting.

Adoption of the Internet by Indian Railways Changed the Travel Scenario

Gone are the days when passengers have to flock to the railway counters for getting updated information related to the train arrival departure status. Also, they no longer need to pay attention to the Delay announcements, which at most of the time, are inaudible to the auditory canals. In the age of digitalisation, it takes only a fraction of a second to get all the required information at the fingertips. Indian Railways have adopted the internet and have been offering the passengers with updated information all the time. A modern GPS system assists you in finding the exact location of the train and also staying well informed in case of any delays.

Many websites and apps adopt the latest technically advanced algorithm and update the train schedule regularly to facilitate hassle-free travel of passengers without any inconvenience. They offer the exact train arrival time at the station and helps passengers board the train without any waiting. All you need is a train number, train name, source, or destination codes to get going. The user can enter the details in the search box and can get the required information. With enhanced services at the disposal, passengers are enriched to travel by trains without any hassle.