eTrain Running Status and PNR

Indian Railways is operated by the Ministry of Railways and is the chief mode of transport for a majority of people in the country. It runs both the freight trains and the passenger trains. Every day over 20,000 passenger trains run in both long-distance and suburban routes. Since most people prefer railways as their chief mode of transport, railways experience a heavy rush of passengers.

When it comes to holidays, the rush further amplifies, and passengers often struggle to get confirmed tickets for their travel. IRCTC is the subsidiary of Indian Railways and facilitates online ticket operations.

What is eTrainStatus?

e Train Status website is a one-stop solution for all your train enquiries. We provide PNR status, live train status, train schedule & time table, coach position and several others at your fingertips. Right from the comfort of your mobile, you can access all the services at the blazing speed. We bet eTrainStatus will be your travel companion in all your journeys in the Indian Railways. Happy Journey!

Indian Railways (IR) runs 15 types of trains for the convenience of the passengers. They include

  1. Toy Train
  2. Luxury Trains:
  3. Maharajas' Express
    1. Palace on Wheels
    2. Deccan Odyssey
    3. Golden Chariot
  4. Duronto Express
  5. Super Fast Train
  6. Mail Express Train
  7. Rajdhani Express
  8. Shatabdi Express
  9. Jan Shatabdi Express
  10. Antyodaya Express
  11. Humsafar Express
  12. Garib Rath Express
  13. Tejas Express
  14. Mahaparinirvan Express
  15. Vivek Express
  16. Metro and Monorails

There are also 10 travel classes in trains with varying patterns of seats/berths and travel fares. These classes include,

  1. AC First Class (1 AC),
  2. AC two-tier (2A),
  3. AC-three tier (3A),
  4. First class (FC),
  5. AC three-tier economy (3E),
  6. Executive Chair Car (EC),
  7. AC Chair Car (CC),
  8. Sleeper Class (SL),
  9. Second seater (2S),
  10. Unreserved/General (UR/GEN).

At eTrainStatus, you can get all the information related to Indian Railways, starting from PNR, trains between two stations, to train running status, and many more.

PNR Status:

Whenever a passenger makes a booking for his travel through Indian railways, he is allotted a ten-digit number called the PNR number. PNR is an acronym for Passenger Name Record and is present in the database of the Indian Railways Computer Reservation System (IR-CRS).

PNR features all the details related to a passenger and includes passenger name, age, gender, columns for current booking status, and current status of the ticket. In the case of unconfirmed tickets, passengers are allotted Wait List status. Most of the time, the passengers book travel tickets well in advance to get confirmed tickets.

In case of completion of confirmed ticket quota, the passengers are granted waitlist status. Indian Railways prepares the chart featuring the details of confirmed passengers along with their PNR numbers three hours before the scheduled departure of the train from the origin station.

In general, the train travel tickets are booked well in advance, many passengers cancel their travel tickets in case of a change in their travel schedule. So, the passengers with the waitlist status would be upgraded to confirmed status. The process is similar to the tickets booked under Tatkal quota, wherein passengers can book tickets, one day before their travel. But the Tatkal fares are a bit higher than the tickets booked via general reservation.

PNR status allows the passenger's waitlist status to check their ticket reservation status from time to time. They can do so until preparing the final chart. One can check the PNR Status by multiple means such as the Indian Railway official website, IRCTC, NTES, eTrainStatus Trainman, Rail Yatri, MakeMyTrip, eRail, Cleartrip and more.

Trains between stations:

Indian Railways (IR) has a vast network of railway connectivity along the length and breadth of the country. To keep the passengers educated about various trains running between stations, IR has a database dubbed the trains between stations. With these features, the passengers would get to know the list of trains that run between two stations, their scheduled arrival and departure, train route map, trains status between stations, and so on. Many websites and apps give complete information that runs between two stations. It includes the list of trains between stations, the distance between stations, operating days, train timings, and many other options. At eTrainStatus, we provide the accurate information related to the trains between stations.

Train running status:

Live train status is an excellent feature offered by the Indian Railways that shows the live running status of almost any train. You can also check the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the destination, current location of the train. With this information, passengers can plan their journey accordingly and arrive at the boarding station at the right time in case of any delays. This reduces the hassle of the passengers having to wait for long hours in the station in case of any train delay. Delayed information regarding the live status of the train will be disgusting especially when you are travelling in the train. We at eTrainStatus never miss a chance to deliver you the best-in-class service. Our website provides the real-time live status updates for the train you are travelling.

Running Status offers the fastest way to check live train status and spot the train in real-time. It eliminates the hassle of having to pay a visit to railway counters or help desks in the middle of the journey for station related queries. There are many websites and apps to check the online train running status anytime. With live running status, the passengers can also get details like platform number on which the train arrives, next upcoming station, information related to an intermediate station, and more.